School Values

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The John Lyon School has a clear set of values that are vital to our community. These values shape who we are, what we do and how we do it. 


A John Lyon boy has a can-do ethos. Ours is a culture that encourages boys to ask more, want more and push themselves to their limit.

Small form groups, specialist teachers and a supportive culture create an environment in which boys are motivated and ambitious. A John Lyon education enriches and adds value; we ensure boys have the tools and character to prosper.

A John Lyon boy will aim high and exceed expectations.



Inspirational, dynamic teaching ensures pupils are encouraged, mentored and nurtured to excel and achieve. We provide a springboard for later life with a broad curriculum that ensures each individual is challenged. John Lyon boys become the best they can be.

A John Lyon boy achieves excellence in his endeavours.



We welcome unconventional and original ideas. We are a listening School where ideas and concepts are readily communicated and implemented. We embrace technology to support the application of imagination and initiative.

A John Lyon boy is willing to be bold, experiment and be resourceful.



John Lyon boys are determined, tenacious and steadfast. Our teaching, mentoring and pastoral care cultivate an environment where courage, mental fortitude and grit prevail.

John Lyon boys have the capacity to embrace adversity, recover quickly, and learn from the experience.



We celebrate heritage. We are proud of our charitable history: a strong moral code, our ethical approach to education and core values derived from our founder, John Lyon.

We have a contemporary approach in an established and traditional setting. We maintain close relationships with our Alumni and wider John Lyon family. We are a local School with an international horizon.

John Lyon boys have a strong moral code and pride in the charitable history of the School’s founder.



We are happy, kind-hearted and tolerant, approaching life with a spirit of service. Community starts at School and extends to the Hill, our Alumni, our peers within John Lyon's Foundationour families, neighbours and beyond.

Our friendship is for life.

John Lyon boys are compassionate and respectful, looking after both each other and our wider community.




A John Lyon boy is encouraged to challenge the status quo and be curious. Boys are inspired to ask questions of themselves and the world around them. We foster their interests through our bespoke curriculum, outstanding extra-curricular provision and excellent facilities.  

John Lyon boys have enquiring minds and a love of learning.



We embrace individuality and celebrate creativity of thought and deed. The Creative Arts are cherished and nurtured. We approach School life with energy and with purpose. John Lyon boys have flair and vision.

A John Lyon boy will explore, use his imagination and be inventive.