Charity and Public Benefit at JLS

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The John Lyon School is part of John Lyon's Foundation and was established to fulfil the Charter of John Lyon whose intention was to offer education to local boys. As a part of this charity the School has a requirement to have charitable purposes or aims that are for the public benefit.

The primary purpose of John Lyon's Foundation is the advancement of education for children. A part of the ethos of the School is that access to education should not be limited to those who can afford fees, so we take substantial steps to ensure that access is widened to include many boys who would not otherwise benefit from the education that we offer. The School educates 580 boys of whom 64 benefit from bursaries and scholarships.

In addition to the academic curriculum, pupils are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities working with and for other groups of people. Community service is undertaken by most pupils throughout their education, for example Sixth Formers providing regular literacy classes in a local maintained school. Educating young men in their responsibilities to the community in opportunities outside the classroom: locally, nationally and internationally is a key aspect of our aims. Members of the local community are invited to concerts, plays, lectures and charitable events held at the School.

The School offers the opportunity for pupils from a number of local schools to participate in workshops and other enriching activities.  We have developed strong links with a number of local maintained schools. The excellent facilities at the School are enjoyed by many local groups on a regular basis who enjoy a range of activities; sporting, cultural and educational.

Charitable giving is an important part of the School ethos and the School supports a number of charities each year, both local, national and international, raising substantial sums of money and giving regular generous donations to organisations such as Harrow Foodbank.

A full audit of the Public Benefit provided by The John Lyon School in the Year 2013 – 2014 can be downloaded here.


Charitas Magazine

The Charitas Magazine contains highlights of some of the many charitable events that have been associated with the School and the School's community.

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