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Art at John Lyon School is based on teaching boys the traditional skills, from which they can develop and express ideas in a variety of media and styles. We focus on drawing, painting, printmaking and 3D skills as well as developing contextual knowledge related to a broad range of Artists in year 7.

In year 8 pupils develop their research skills through exploration of the work of Artists and designers, which is then combined with practical skills development. The focus is to develop knowledge and understanding of media and processes to communicate ideas considering ICT, Printmaking, Sculpture and other aspects of  Fine Art.

In year 9 we review students’ skills to date and access the students who enter the school at 13+, through a series of drawing and observational exercises. From this we develop all pupils’ skills through differentiated teaching and learning, with a focus on traditional skills and creativity. We also focus on developing pupils analytical skills through written and verbal studies of Artists, individual and peer work, focusing on the use of appropriate artistic terminology. We explore work thematically and include the study of Graphic novels and perspective in this year.

In Year 10 boys begin their GCSE Exam Coursework, with all work being included in their final assessment, which represents 60% of their actual GCSE grade. They work on thematic projects completing the first fully in year 10 and beginning the second which they complete in year 11. We focus on developing technical skills as well as their creative thought process and use of various media.

In Year 11 boys continue to develop their Unit 2 coursework “The environment” and also complete their actual exam preparation work and final piece in exam conditions. The work should show a developed skill level with a sense of personal style developing. We ensure all boys reach their potential through individual target setting and regular assessments focusing on modifying and refining work in progress. The end of the course is celebrated with an exhibition of all work for family and friends to see.

AS-Level Art is an exciting subject to study as it encourages and develops independent learning through both research and practical tasks. Students work is based on a thematic study with 50% of the final grade being derived from coursework completed in the first term and 50% coming from the controlled test and relevant supporting studies. It is recommended that students gain an A or A* at GCSE if they are to study Art at A level.

A-Level Art is a progression from AS, where students continue to develop independent learning skills with the support of a clear framework and teacher guidance. The focus is on a Personal Study with students selecting their area of study and leading the research through both sketchbook and essay based work. They also complete another controlled test which represents 50% of the A Level grade, this time with a final controlled test at the end of the research period.