Government & Politics

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Aristotle said: “Man is a political animal”. What did he mean by this? In this course, we aim to provide some of the answers. Government and Politics will appeal to students who have an active interest in politics and currents affairs, in the way in which Britain is governed, in how our democracy works and – not least, as global citizens - in how the world system operates.

What do we study?

Politics is a subject in which you are expected to take an interest in, and to be critical about, the way in which this country is run, and more broadly the world around you. We study issues concerned with who really has power in the UK, and about how the system could be improved.  In the A2 course we study ideologies such socialism, liberalism, conservatism, and anarchism, to come to conclusions about what an ideal society would look like - or perhaps to come to the conclusion that an ideal society is an unrealistic fantasy. 

What is studying politics like?

Everyone has political opinions: the difference is that, on this course, you are expected to develop well-informed and considered opinions, which many people do not possess!  This means that many lessons are discussion based. The course is delivered on the principle that students learn best when they are interested. We aim to make what we do varied and relevant.

What could I do with Government and Politics?

Government and Politics represents an attractive academic choice at A-Level. In addition to stimulating and up to date content, the course aims to impart a wide range of transferable skills that will stand students in good stead at university and beyond. Inference, analysis and argument are just some of these, as well as the ability to communicate effectively. Past students at JLS have gone on to study Politics and International Relations, PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), History, Economics, Journalism and Law at some of Britain’s best universities. Future careers in journalism, diplomacy and the Civil Service would find much of interest in the study of Government and Politics. Those seeking employment in the Foreign Office, the Security Services and the Armed Forces would similarly find much of benefit.