Music Technology

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What is Music Technology A-Level?

Music Technology is a new subject at Sixth Form aimed at students with a passion for music and the processes of music creation.


What does the course consist of?

Study includes:

  • Recording and mixing techniques in a professional recording studio, including the understanding of sound, acoustics, microphones and speaker technology, the capture, processing and mixing of audio.

  • Contemporary musical arrangement and composition using computer software.

  • Popular music history and the influence of technology over the past century.



How will I be assessed?

AS pupils produce a coursework portfolio worth 70% of the AS qualification. This includes a MIDI sequencing task, a studio recording and a contemporary musical arrangement. At the end of the first year boys demonstrate their aural discrimination skills in a Listening and Analysing exam worth the final 30% of the AS qualification.

A2 pupils produce an advanced portfolio worth 60% of the A2 qualification. This includes an integrated Audio/MIDI task, a studio recording and a composition. The final unit worth 40% is an Analysing and Producing exam, boys demonstrate skills learnt through exam questions and practical tasks.