Computer Science & ICT

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There can be little doubt that Computer Science should form an increasingly central part of the curriculum in a technological age. The first step towards this goal has been taken by teaching essential digital skills to our Year 7 and 8 students. The curriculum consists of two strands: Digital Literacy and Computer Science.

Digital Literacy: students will learn how to use a variety of digital applications effectively in order to develop products that are suitable for both audience and purpose. Students will also develop an understanding of how to use technology safely and responsibly through the completion of the BCS level 1 certificate in e-safety.

Computer Science: students will develop their computational thinking skills, allowing them to break down problems, plan solutions and develop them using both visual and textual programming languages.

In Year 10 students that demonstrate an aptitude for Computer Science may opt to follow the Edexcel GCSE Computer Science course. The course consists of three components: principles of computer science, application of computational thinking and the programming project.

The OCR A-Level offers students the opportunity to develop an in depth understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science and provides an excellent foundation for further study in the field.