Gifted & Talented

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Gifted and Talented Beliefs and Values

At the John Lyon School we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential, be that intellectual, physical, creative, emotional or social. We also believe that children should also be able to live and develop as well-adjusted, autonomous and valued members of society.

Aims of the Gifted and Talented Programme at John Lyon

The Gifted and Talented (G&T) programme at The John Lyon School aims to work to ensure boys are challenged in lessons and catered for in subjects in which they are deemed ‘gifted’. The programme provides stimulation for able boys within the curriculum and in the format of extension projects, enrichment events and personalised learning challenges, such as The Excellence Award.

Work within departments

Each department across the school will teach and facilitate differentiated schemes of work to ensure that gifted students are continually being challenged. All staff keep records of students and co-ordinators carefully monitor how the needs of gifted pupils are being met within different subjects, offering support and guidance to staff where necessary. The Gifted and Talented coordinators also collaborate with departments to promote activities that stretch the school’s top students.

Extension Projects

We believe that Gifted and Talented boys should have the opportunity to pursue a subject they love, develop transferrable skills, prepare themselves for the challenges of higher education and be rewarded with a qualification which demonstrates their skills. A central aspect of the programme at John Lyon involves giving pupils the opportunity to engage in learning beyond the curriculum.  

At Key Stage Three boys will build skills in key areas such as communication and conduct independent investigations to fully prepare them to participate in the KS4 projects. At Key Stage Four pupils can complete a Higher Project Qualification (equivalent to a GCSE short course and grades A* to C) on any topic of their choosing. This tests their skill of research, organisation, planning, writing, presentation and evaluation; it provides an excellent foundation for the Extended Project Qualification at Key Stage Five and for skills required at University. In March 2014 80% of boys completing a Higher Project Qualification achieved A* or A grades and 100% achieved a grade B or above. Pupils also have the opportunity to achieve an internal certificate, The Excellence award, which promotes higher order thinking skills through the following key areas: leadership, organisation, public speaking, analytical thinking, communication and team work.

Enrichment Events

Gifted and Talented boys at The John Lyon School are invited to a range of cross-curricular and departmental events and visits to develop their interests outside of the curriculum, offer insights into new areas and extend their skills of problem-solving and independent learning. Termly academic events are held; the sessions this academic year will focus on topics such as Engineering, creative writing and philosophy. Futhermore, the G&T co-ordinators liaise with subject areas and support department across the school in running their own events for selected gifted boys. For example, the Mathematics Department are attending a ‘Maths in Action’ event at the Institute of Education and the Drama department have invited the UK’s leading physical theatre company ‘Frantic Assembly’ to lead a workshop with their most able students. Boys are encouraged to broaden their intellectual perspective for University and their future careers; exploring opportunities and considering how they can further their own knowledge and progress in these areas.