Extra-curricular opportunities are something that we, at The John Lyon School, really do pride ourselves on. All boys are offered the chance to build on skills that they may already possess or develop new ones. It is integral to our ethos that each pupil should have the chance to develop as a person; he should be offered opportunities to broaden his everyday experiences and gain an appreciation of the world in which he lives. Additionally, he should be given the chance to foster relationships with other pupils in a different environment to the classroom. It is essential that every pupil gains a sense of self and leaves The John Lyon School as a rounded person in possession of a set of skills that will equip him for life.

A thriving school, with historic links to Harrow School, which provides a well-rounded, well-grounded education in a welcoming atmosphere.
The Good School Guide 2016

Extra-curricular opportunities are offered throughout the year at The John Lyon School; before, during and after school. Some of our more adventurous trips or activities may occur across a weekend or during school holidays. One afternoon every week our timetable guarantees that our Year 7 and 8 pupils can experience a wide range of activities in a safe and exciting way. The activities programme includes, cycling, rugby, karate, dance, snorkelling and archery.

Further up the School many students embark upon the Duke of Edinburgh and the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) schemes. There are a plethora of skills that our pupils can develop as they work in small groups on an activity that interests them.

In addition nearly every subject will offer a range of educational opportunities beyond the classroom that are directly linked to the learning of the pupils. From zoo or theatre visits to field trips and sports, the learning of our boys never ceases. Oversees learning opportunities are encouraged and further facilitate the enrichment programme that is available. Recently students have visited South Africa and Spain in a sporting context and India, Beijing, Bangkok, Switzerland, Belgium and France within various education contexts. The John Lyon School is committed to involving your son fully in the life of the school from the first day that he joins us.