Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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JLS has a long and proud record of involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, with around 100 JLS boys taking part each year. We are proud of our status as an Operating Authority for the awards. The Duke even opened our Sports Centre in 1997.

A recent independent business survey showed that blue-chip companies rate involvement in D of E as the number-one activity sought from their applicants. Many value the high degree of commitment and strength of character required to do well in the awards.

Boys may start at any level: Bronze (in their 15th year of age - Year 10); Silver (16th year - Year 11) or Gold (17th year - Year 12 and above).

Work towards the awards is voluntary and is not undertaken during lesson time.

There are sections on physical recreation, skills, service and expeditions. Where possible, these are tailored to boys' own interests, so that, for example, a keen musician or enthusiastic member of the Bridge Club could have these abilities recognised under ‘skills’.

For Gold, boys go on a week-long residential course covering subjects as diverse as working for the National Trust and photography. Some boys complete their gold award while still at School, while many finish at university.