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Combined Cadet Force (CCF) activities were restored to The John Lyon School at the start of summer term 2011, the JLS contingent having been disbanded some 35 years previously in 1976.

Agreements were finalised in March 2011 for a standing contingent force of up to 25 cadets from the John Lyon School, signed by the Head (Miss Katherine Haynes), the Head of Harrow School, the Commanding Officer of the Harrow Rifles Corps and London District HQ.

The Harrow Rifles Corps represents the oldest and the largest CCF contingent in the United Kingdom, first formed in 1859. The John Lyon School contingent is proud to share the military heritage of our brother school within the larger John Lyon Foundation.

The Harrow Rifles Corps has several hundred members at any one time and incorporates several contingents variously affiliated with the Army, the Royal Navy and the Marines, and the Royal Air Force. The John Lyon contingent parades each Monday after school during term time as B Company 3 Platoon and is commanded by Lt Paul J Cowie (Head of Classics) as Senior Officer and Officer in Command. 2Lt James McNaughton (Mathematics) and Mr John Blenkinsopp currently represent the rest of the officer and Adult Instructor staff.

The John Lyon School contingent is affiliated with The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF), a Queen's Division infantry regiment embracing both armoured and light infantry battalions. Our cadets are proud to bear the distinctive red-tipped white hackle of the Regiment atop navy blue berets, while wearing the banded maroon and yellow stable belt when on parade.



Lt Paul J Cowie:



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