Pastoral Care at JLS


At The John Lyon School, we treat every boy as an individual, with his own talents, abilities and needs. By capping numbers at the School at around 600, we ensure that it remains possible for teachers to get to know every boy in the School. Parents are seen as partners with the School and are positively encouraged to get involved in their son’s education at every stage.

Respect lies at the heart of our approach to pastoral care. From the day they arrive at the age of 11 or 13, JLS boys are encouraged to respect staff, other adults and each other. Often this shows up in little ways: a door held open for a teacher, or a visitor addressed as “sir” or “ma’am”. We are also proud of the cultural diversity at JLS.

The core of our pastoral care arrangements is the tutor system. Form tutors have most day-to-day contact with individual boys. They are overseen by the Heads and Assistant Heads of: Oldfield (Year 7) and the Lower School; the Upper School and the Sixth Form. Ultimately, the Head and Pastoral Deputy Head are responsible.

Pupils feel valued, listened to and cared for and they develop as confident, articulate, happy individuals, proud of their achievements.ISI Inspection Report 2010 

Class sizes of 22-24 in the first three years, around 20 at GCSE level and 12-14 in the Sixth Form help ensure that pupils cannot get “lost in the crowd”. Teachers are urged to be firm but fair, and to support, rather than punish, boys who are struggling with their studies.