The Form Group

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All new boys entering the School are allocated to a form group prior to arrival. In Years 7 and 8 we have three form groups per year, each with approximately 20 students in each.

Following the 13+ intake, numbers per year group increase from 60 to 100. We then have five forms, again with approximately 20 students. The form groups are split up at this stage to accommodate the boys who have been at the School for two years and new boys entering the School. In their first three years, boys will have a different tutor each year. Boys are taught predominantly in their form groups.

The school community has a family feel and form tutors give high levels of support. Teaching and non-teaching staff are clear about their responsibilities in fostering the acadmic and pastoral development of pupils in their care and they provide outstanding support and guidance.
ISI Inspection Report 2010

When boys enter the Upper School and commence their GCSE courses, the tutors allocated will stay with them for two years. The form group will usually stay the same as in Year 9. Boys are not taught in tutor groups but in classes according to their GCSE option choices. The continuity in Years 10 and 11 allows the tutor, parents and boys to get to know each other as the boys prepare to sit their external examinations. 

In Year 12 and the onset of A/S levels, we have 5 form groups of approximately 16 students in each. The tutor stays with their tutor group throughout the Sixth Form. Boys are allocated a House on arrival at the School. They are encouraged to represent their House in the Cock House Cup Competition.