Year Groups

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Years 7 and 8

In Oldfield boys are mainly taught together in their form groups for all their lessons.
In the Lower School, boys continue to register in form groups, but now spend rather more time in sets.
Each form group has its own Form Tutor – the first point of contact for parents should any question about their son’s progress or welfare arises.
Senior Sixth Form prefects are assigned to each form in the first three years – the prefects act as mentors and guides.

Head of Year 7: Mr Fred Troublé
Head of Year 8: Mr James McNaughton


Years 9, 10 and 11

Boys enter the Upper School in Year 9 where they will decide their GCSE choices. Boys register with their Form Tutor in form groups. They will often have the same person as tutor for their two years in the Upper School. Almost all their work is now done in subject groups and sets. Most boys take nine GCSE subjects.

Head of Year 9: Miss Jade Boyle

Head of Year 10: Mr Thomas Yardley

Head of Year 11: Mr Darren Boylan


Lower and Upper Sixth Forms

In the Sixth Form, Tutors are responsible for separate groups of Lower and Upper Sixth students. Boys often have the same tutor for the two years of the Sixth Form.
Boys register and do essential tutorial work in these groups. However, they now do all their work in subject groups. Most take four AS subjects in the Lower Sixth year and complete three full A-Levels in the Upper Sixth.

Head of Sixth Form: Mr James Armstrong

Head of Year Upper Sixth: Mr John Bruce

Head of Year Lower Sixth: Mr Philip Berry