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The counselling service at The John Lyon School is part of our pastoral care provision and it has been developed to strengthen and complement the support that students already receive.

The School is keen to address, as fully as possible, the needs of students who are experiencing personal difficulties and who feel they could benefit from speaking to a trained professional who is outside their network of family and friends. Counselling in school offers individual support to students and provides a confidential service, which aims to help students gain the most from academic and social opportunities, both in and out of school.

Emotional problems affect school life and work in a variety of ways. These include difficulties in friendships, anxiety about attending school, disruptive or aggressive behaviour, worries or obsessive thoughts, and actions which lead to preoccupation and loss of concentration, along with family issues, relationship problems, bereavement, loss and generalised anxiety and depression. Depression can manifest itself as a withdrawal from activities, lack of motivation and disengagement from school life. Emotional difficulties of any kind can lead not only to great personal uunhappiness but can also affect the ability to achieve one’s academic potential.

Mrs Laura Herman MBACP UKCP, our School Counsellor, is professionally qualified and works in line with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice produced by the BACP. She is situated on the corner of the Music School, next door to the Music Office.



What issues are brought to counselling?

Counselling can help with any problem impacting on your wellbeing or happiness here at the School. You may have a long standing problem or concern you feel you would like to address or you may be facing difficulties at School – perhaps around identity, relationships or academic pressures. You may be struggling with a particular dilemma or you may not have any idea what the problem is, just having a sense that something isn’t right. Whatever you situation, you are welcome to seek help.

How can counselling help?

Counselling may help you to see your problem a little more clearly and make some sense of what may have triggered it. This can be quite empowering and enable you to move forward. Counselling does not ‘solve’ your problem but empowers you with a greater level of control and understanding.

Who is the School Counsellor?

Laura Herman is a professionally trained Psychodynamic Psychotherapist having graduated from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation in 2005. She is widely experienced and is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and also the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. She works in line with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice produced by the BACP.

How do I make an appointment?

A pupil can ask their form tutor, parent or a member of staff to arrange an appointment. Alternatively they can contact our counsellor directly via email at  She also holds a ‘Drop-in’ session every Tuesday lunchtime when you are welcome to drop in without and appointment. Her room is next to the Music Office.

Is this service confidential?

Counselling is confidential and the content of what is spoken about will not be revealed without your expressed consent. However, there are rare occasions when you may pose a serious danger to yourself or others in such cases confidentiality would need to be breached. You would always be informed about any action that is going to be taken by the counsellor.

Can parents contact the Counsellor?

Parents are also welcome to contact the School counsellor to discuss any personal concerns they feel may be impacting on their son’s wellbeing either via the main switchboard or email



Anyone wishing to contact Mrs Herman with any concerns or enquiries is welcome to do so via the School switchboard or directly by email